In the inaugural episode of the Sisterhood of the Bottomless Mimosa, CJ and Melissa discuss the infamously misunderstood Yoko Ono and the unapologetically tardy Grace Jones.
CJ and Melissa talk about the honey badger of figure skating, Surya Bonaly, and the shark-busting talents of Julia Child.
In the first part of Episode 3, Melissa talks to CJ about yonic witchcraft and the majestic mistress of firsts, Laverne Cox.
In Part 2 of Episode 3, CJ like, gives Melissa an expletive-laden history lesson on the D-slangin’ English and the Pirate Kween of Ireland, Grace O’Malley.
Melissa regales CJ with the ball-busting exploits of the undefeated Alicia Napolean, and CJ dishes on the Supreme of the Mimosa Sisterhood Coven, Stevie Nicks.
In the Sisterhood’s first Mimosode, Melissa and CJ talk about the July New Moon in Cancer and how you can harness it to manage all those fee fees.
CJ takes Melissa to church to preach the gospel of OG trans activist Miss Major, and Melissa uses the story of Rebel Wilson to teach CJ why you shouldn’t mess with a girl with a law degree. Bonus recipe to make Carlo Rossi taste even more disgusting.
TGI Justice : http://www.tgijp.org/
Miss Major’s Monthly Giving Circle: https://www.gofundme.com/MsMajorRetirement
CJ and Melissa discuss Aly Raisman’s future presidential bid and that one time Gloria Steinem busted Hugh Hefner’s balls.
CJ and Melissa are so stoked about their first fan email that they dedicated an entire episode to it! In this Mimosode, the Sisterhood features its first guest, the Aquarian AF “Jamiroquai” who sets the record straight on the Sisterhood’s official stance on Aquarius.
Melissa tells CJ about the baddest babe in pop, Pink, and CJ soberly gushes about Janet Jackson’s classic shadow album, “The Velvet Rope.”
CJ tells Melissa about the eerie, banshee chanteuse Kate Bush, and Melissa dishes on surrealist painter and feminist icon, Frida Kahlo.
Melissa tells CJ the mostly unknown story of Gerda Taro’s photographic heroism, and CJ educates Melissa on the mistress of the modern tarot deck, Pamela Colman Smith.
CJ waxes on activisit Angela Davis and the Prison Industrial Complex. Melissa makes us all hungry with the tale of Amalia Eriksson, the OG candy cane sorceress. Plus, a giveaway in honor of our 10th episode!
In the Sisterhood’s first Villainess installment, Melissa talks about Ma Anand Sheela’s “holy” crusade, and CJ presents the extremely complicated herstory of anti-apartheid activist Winnie Mandela.
In the 12th episode of the Sisterhood, CJ and Melissa discuss some dusty women, including one of Ancient Egypt’s most successful pharaohs, Hatshepsut, and Lilith, the mythical first woman in the Garden of Eden (sorry Eve).
Melissa gets CJ pumped AF about the pioneer of public defense, Clara Shortridge Foltz. CJ tells Melissa about Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer and intellectual grandmother of Alan Turing.
CJ spooks it up with the story of the Fox Sisters and the start of the Spiritualist movement. Melissa reveals the divinely supported lifecourse of actress and comedian Carol Burnett.
In the Sisterhood’s spoOooOOky episode, valley girls CJ and Melissa drunkenly discuss the legend of La Planchada and the mysterious Marie Laveau.
The Sisterhood is going to PodCon 2!
In this like, totally raw episode, CJ and Melissa discuss breakups, Janis Joplin, and Grace Peixotto, Charleston’s most famous lady of the night.
Melissa and Madam CJ drink duck wine and discuss one of America’s first black female millionaires, Madam CJ Walker, and rising softball star Lauren Chamberlain.
We’re going to PodCon 2 in Seattle in one month!
Melissa and CJ discuss poet Nelly Sachs and novelist Agatha Christie in Episode 18 of The Sisterhood of the Bottomless Mimosa.
Happy Heauxlidays! In Episode 19, Melissa tells CJ about Canadian heroine Viola Desmond, and CJ tells Melissa about a very special, very chic, very karate chopping feminist icon.
In the Sisterhood’s 20th episode, Melissa talks about 2000s popstar Vitamin C, and CJ teaches Melissa about Barbara Walters’ puhzzy magic.
CJ drinks cork taint and tells Melissa about 90s mega-babe Tia Carrere’s second career that almost no one knows about. Melissa betrays the Sisterhood by drinking Chardonnay (THE HORROR) and speaks on scientist and animal whisperer Dr. Temple Grandin.
THE SISTERHOOD IS BACK, WITH A VENGEANCE! In their comeback episode, depressed hosts CJ and Melissa discuss the unbreakable Marsha Linehan and the banana-adorned dancer and spy, Josephine Baker.
CJ and Melissa discuss Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardini, scientist Rosalind Franklin, and the king of the baby back b*!@hes.
In Episode 24, CJ tells Melissa about the trans grandmother of electronic music/solar eclipse photographer Wendy Carlos. Melissa details the life of Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low.
In Episode 25, CJ and Melissa discuss groundbreaking actress Nichelle Nichols and Abel Award-winning mathematician Karen Uhlenbeck.
In Episode 26 of the SISTERHOOD of the Bottomless Mimosa, CJ and Melissa present their second Villainess installment. CJ reveals the dirt nasty stank life of child trafficker Georgia Tann, and Melissa dishes on the controversial actress and activist Jane Fonda.
In Episode 27, CJ and Melissa cover some of their favorite women yet! Melissa reports on investigative journalist Nellie Bly, and CJ tells the neverendingly bad-@!$ story of tennis legend and women’s rights advocate Billie Jean King.
Melissa introduces CJ to Esther Perel, Belgian sex and romance psychologist extraordinaire. CJ drunkenly tells the listeners at home about O-O-OG comedienne Moms Mabley.
We get real hammered in this one, y’all.
Lay back in your bathtub with a glass of bubbly while CJ and Melissa tell you about Julie d’Aubigny and Gabriela Silang. Shout out to Marina and Yaine for recommending this week’s women!
Searchin’ for my lost shaker o’ salt. Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame, and that is correct. In this case, two Canadian women who are polar opposites.
Canuk number 1 is Margaret Trudeau: former wild child, wife of one Canadian prime minister and mother of another, and mental health advocate.
Canuk number 2 is Marguerite Bourgeoys, who was technically born in France but spent most of her life in Canada, so STFU. Margeurite is the first and probably last nun to be covered on the podcast. You’ll have to tune-in to find out why we covered her!
In Episode 31, CJ and Melissa cover women who have had brushes with the dark side of Hollywood…Natasha Lyonne and Anna May Wong.
The Sisterhood has changed our tune on school. Go to school. Go. Go now! Maybe.
In Episode 32, Melissa and CJ discuss the largely unknown personal life of pinup Bettie Page and the ultimately tragic story of a Denver heroine, Emily Griffith.
CJ tells the rags to riches tale of Quebec snow princess Celine Dion. Melissa discusses the superpowers of teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg.
After a long break, the Sisterhood is back with our first ever GUEST HOST! Melissa is joined by friend and fellow Mimosa Sisterhood fan, Julia McGaughey, for the podcast’s first FACE TO FACE recording!
Melissa tells Julia all about her favorite childhood star, Shirley Temple, and Julia spits fact and figures on environmental activist, Erin Brockovich.
The Sisterhood went Misterhood and invited our first ever MALE guest host for Episode 35! Our #1 man-fan, Brad Stockwell, introduced Melissa to Henrietta Lacks… a woman whose immortal “HeLa” cancer cells have continued to impact the world long after the death of her physical body. Melissa introduces Brad to his next historical crush, Mariya Oktyabrskaya, a Soviet woman who avenged her husband’s death by killing tons on Nazis in WWII using her own tank named “Fighting Girlfriend”.
The Sisterhood’s 3rd guest host, Kelsie McInnis, kicks off Episode 36 by introducing the famous Hollywood actress and inventor of the communication system known as “frequency hopping” for WWII, Hedy Lamarr. Melissa reminds Kelsie of their old crunchy granola hippie days by introducing Lynn Hill, the Yosemite Valley rock climbing legend and veteran of the “Stonemasters” and the historical “Camp 4”.
The band is back together again folks! CJ joins Melissa back on the mic to gush over Dolly Parton, the world’s most loved and praised Rhinestone cowgirl who captures audiences from the gays to the redneck babes. Melissa introduced CJ to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the original “Godmother of Rock-n-Roll” who shocked southern conservatives by shredding her electric guitar on stage to soulful gospel music. Oh ya, she was queer too! (*the horror, the madness!)
Our lovely guest host, Andee, tunes in from New Jersey to shoot the shit on Covid-19 and tell the story of Audrey Hepburn’s childhood growing up during WWII. Melissa introduces Halima Aden, an up-and-coming fashion model who’s life started in a refugee camp until she made her way to the US becoming the first Muslim woman to rock a hijab on international runways!
Our next guest host is our first fellow podcaster! Jordan Redwine from A Novel Adaptation Podcast introduces Melissa to Mata Hari, an exotic dancer convicted of being a German spy during WWI. Melissa introduces Jordan to Wilma Mankiller, a Cherokee activist and the first woman to be elected to serve as Chief for the Cherokee Nation.
Kelsie McInnis joins Melissa back on the mic to discuss all things women and wine. They chat about virtual dating during corona virus, partying in Vegas days before lock down, ridiculous wine label descriptions, and two bad ass women who fought to protect the world and all its critters! Melissa gushes over Terri Irwin and all her impressive accomplishments
before, during, and after her marriage to Steve Irwin. Kelsie introduces Melissa to Rachel Carson, the ecological genius who warned the public about the long term effects of misusing pesticides.
Melissa is joined by friend and comedian, Paul Jordan, to celebrate the lives of two fierce, boss betch, iconic women that some might deem a tad controversial. Paul tells the life story of
Joan Rivers, a sassy female comedian who paved the way for many others while shocking audiences with her radical humor. Melissa tells the story of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, the famous rapper of TLC who experienced a rocky ride through stardom, but ultimately found peace, healing, and serenity in the jungles of Honduras.