Episode 19 – Heaux, Heaux, Heaux

Miss Piggy

Listen here, bish. Miss Piggy is a feminist icon. “She’s not even real!” you might be screaming. “She’s just a puppet!” are words that may have just leapt from your treacherous mouth. Au contraire. She is tres, tres REAL. Missy Piggy is a fierce fashionista, a karate master, and one of the universe’s most recognizable and adored divas. She is a New York Times bestselling author, a movie star, and in 2015 she received a Sackler Center First Award from the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum.

misspiggyI wanted to cover someone fanciful for the Heauxlidays episode. This bacon back bitch fit the bill perfectly. Miss Piggy models some pretty incredible behavior to women: She has taught us to get what we deserve and trust that we deserve it. She believes fully in her identity as a megababe, and is unafraid to karate chop any and every person or puppet who dares to disagree. Miss Piggy says what she wants, when she wants – and that’s the kinda pig I want on my team. Still not convinced of her status as a feminist icon? Let Miss Piggy tell you in her own words why you’re mistaken: http://time.com/3908787/miss-piggy-feminist/

Learn about the lasting legacy of this porky dame in “Episode 19 – Heaux Heaux Heaux.”


Viola Desmond


A lot of great things come from Canada – maple syrup, polite and chivalrous men, moose, ice hockey, and Viola Desmond. Viola is considered to be the Canadian Rosa Parks. She grew up with an interest in professional haircare and skin-care products for black women and decided she wanted to make a change. She opened her own line of beauty products, Vi’s Beauty Products, and she opened The Desmond School of Beauty Culture so black women could receive proper training. Viola’s school operated using a ‘vertical integrationframework’, students were provided with the skills to open their own businesses and provide jobs for other black women. All sounds great, right? Wrong.

Viola Desmond was arrested at a movie theater for sitting in a seat that was designated for white people. When she was asked to move, she refused, and was arrested for 12 hours in jail. Why you ask? Well, the tax on her purchased balcony seat was 2 cents and the tax on the floor seat in which she sat was 3 cents. Viola was convicted of stealing 1 cent from the government, a charge motivated by racism that was legally pawned off as tax evasion.

Many, many years later, Canada felt shitty about what they did and decided to invoke the Royal Prerogative and granted Viola a free pardon, the first to be granted in Canada. Unfortunately, Viola wouldn’t live to see this pardon as she passed several years prior.

Learn about her full story in “Episode 19 – Heaux Heaux Heaux” plus, some real life facts about that bacon back bitch above!


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