Episode 17 – The Power of Changing Your Hair


Madam CJ Walker

Everyone loves a good bootstrap story, and you can’t get more “Started from the bottom now we here…” than Madam C.J. Walker. Born black in Louisiana only 4 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, Madam C.J. Walker (then known as Sarah Breedlove) worked in the cotton fields and was an orphan by age 7. She spent her early life living with family members and deadbeat husbands. By her mid-30s, she was working as a laundress in St. Louis, busting ass for barely more than a dollar a day, intent on keeping her daughter enrolled in school. She was married to some absentee asshole and, on top of all of this crap, she starts to lose her hair.

Part of why I love Madam C.J.’s story is because she found the key to her fortune and success through what at first seemed like an unfortunate circumstance. In her effort to try to fix her failing hair, she came across Annie Turnbo Malone’s “Wonderful Hair Grower.” This hair product would change her life. She quickly became a saleswoman for Malone’s hair product, making way more money than she’d ever made while spending her days speaking with other black women. By 1906, she had relocated to Denver, started her own hair product business, and married Charles Joseph (C.J.) Walker.

This is the power of fixing your hair, bish.

Madam C.J. Walker became hugely successful and was one of America’s first black female millionaires. Over the course of her career, she employed tens of thousands of African Americans, most of them women. She became well-known as both an activist and philanthropist, and when she passed away in 1919, she left ⅓ of her estate to charity. Hers is truly a remarkable, redemptive story.

Learn more in “Episode 17 – The Power of Changing Your Hair.”

-Madam C.J.

Lauren Chamberlain


Lauren Chamberlain is a professional softball player and body positive icon who’s on a mission to transform girls into women by promoting athleticism. In a sad deficient world consisting of plastic social media influencers that promote unattainable body goals, Lauren is here to motivate our youth to find empowerment in strength. Our bodies can do incredible things and they can be pushed to physical lengths most women aren’t determined to experience. Lauren is using her fame and her imperfect athletic body to show girls that beauty can be found and achieved by utilizing our muscles and exercising our physical strength.

Lauren was featured in the 2018 ESPN magazines 10th Anniversary “Body Issues” edition where she posed naked to show off her curvaceous body, tummy rolls and all! She’s captured naked in a variety baseball stance positions and holding her bat, posed and ready to hit a ball. The photos are raw, real and unedited and show that even the most successful career athletics have the same extra pounds of fluff like you and I. Lauren loves her body, she loves it enough to slap it naked on a magazine cover to be displayed to a world that HATES imperfection. That’s some fucking balls right there, pun intended.

Hear more about Lauren’s incredible softball career and her body positive mission in “Episode 17 – The Power of Changing Your Hair”.



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