Episode 13 – Bumblebee Cumbersnatch


Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace was a Victorian-era badass who designed the world’s first computer program. A bright girl from a noble family, Ada showed an aptitude and interest for math at an early age – a passion she inherited from her mother, Annabella Lovelace, who was also a Lady Math Whiz. Ada meets Charles Babbage at the age of 17, at her society debut. They develop a bond over their shared intellectual interests and maintain a correspondence for the remainder of their lives.

In 1842, Babbage’s plans for his Analytical Machine are published in a French journal. While the machine was never actually built, it represented the potential of mechanical computation. Ada Lovelace translated the paper from the French to the English. In this translation, she details a potential program function for the machine – and thus, the world’s first-ever computer program is born.

Ada Lovelace also spoke about the philosophy of artificial intelligence (AI) before computers even existed. All the way back in 1842 she posited that computers can only perform the functions that we program them for, i.e., that they are incapable of original ideas or action. Twentieth century mathematician Alan Turing referred to her assertion as “Lady Lovelace’s Objection,” and famously used it as part of his inspiration to attempt to prove that computers are capable of independent thought.

Ada is not only the world’s first computer programmer – she’s also the grandmother of computer philosophy. Learn more about her life and her amazing contributions to science in “Episode 13 – Bumblebee Cumbersnatch.”


Clara Shortridge Foltz


In another episode of men that fuck over women, meet Clara Shortridge Foltz, the woman who was inspired to pursue her political childhood dreams in order to support all 5 of her children after being deserted by her worthless, cheating husband. Clara bossed up and embarked on a public speaking career, taking woman suffrage as her subject. Clara wanted to take the bar exam, but she faced a California code provision that limited the practice of law to white males only. SHOCKER. So Clara bossed up again and gathered a group of sister suffragettes to lobby her Woman Lawyers Bill through the legislature asking to replace the term “white males” with “person”. Guess what, it passed! In 1878, she passed the bar exam and was the first woman admitted to the California bar.

Then, Clara applied to Hastings College of Law but was denied admission due to her gender. So what did she do? SHE BOSSED UP A THIRD TIME and sued Hastings College of Law and won admission. Note to the world, don’t waste your time telling Clara “no”, she’s just going to school your ass and steal your job. Save yourself the embarrassment.

Clara’s biggest claim to fame came in 1893 when she made her first highly public presentation of her idea of the public defender. Her then radical concept of providing public assistance to criminal defendants is used today throughout the United States.

Listen to her full life story in “Episode 13 – Bumbleebee Cumbersnatch” and witness CJ die over her newfound favorite boss bitch lawyer.


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