Episode 7 – Pink Velvet


Big-ass nipple ring

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope was more than just a worldwide hit: It was a revelation. In her 6th studio album, Janay broke records and broke ground in the pop genre. TVR was her first album release following her record-shattering $80 million contract deal with Virgin Records. (The previous, $60 million record was shared between Madonna and Janet’s own brother, Michael Jackson.)

The “Velvet Rope” serves as a metaphor for the emotional barriers we keep between ourselves and others: the album’s title track invites the listener to “Come with me inside/Inside my Velvet Rope.” Janet wanted to GO DEEP on this record – and she succeeded. TVR is widely regarded as a cornerstone of the pop genre. The 1997 album features 15 songs, 7 interludes, and a racier aesthetic for Miss Jackson. Janet’s new look included hennaed hair, tattoos, and MASSIVE nipple rings.

The Velvet Rope pioneered the confessional, dark, mature pop album. Its’ songs touch on a breadth of deeply personal topics like domestic abuse, sex, bondage, and homosexuality. Without the groundbreaking TVR, we would likely have never seen RiRi’s Rated R, Xtina’s Stripped, or The Weeknd’s Thursday. Janet invited us into her inner sanctum, and it changed pop forever.

Learn more about this life-changing album in “Episode 7 – Pink Velvet.”





Melissa and Pink have a lot in common – they’re both Virgos that share the same birthday, they chain smoked cigarettes as kids, they fuck with dudes on dirt bikes, and they’re highly trained in aerial acrobatics. Waiiiiiit, okay maybe not that last one, but Melissa did go to a gymnastics birthday party once in grade school so that counts, right? Anyway, point being, Pink rules and Melissa’s a close second.

Pink started her music career in R&B bands before branching off into the solo pop star industry where she graced the undeserving world with all that is P-I-N-K! Her first album released in the year 2000 went double-platinum and landed her a gig opening for this boy band you’ve probably never heard of called ‘N Sync. Then she went on to fuck up the stage with three other baddies for the remake of Lady Marmalade. If that wasn’t the greatest thing to be born out of the early millennium then I don’t know what was. Next, Pink released the album ‘Missundaztood’ which turned every sweet, innocent, and loving 12 year old girl into the unapologetically sassy, ball crushing teens they were destined to be.

Pink has sold over 40 million albums and 50 million singles worldwide, making her one of the bestselling music artists. But if that’s not enough, Pink is also an animal rights activist and prominent campaigner for PETA, she is outspoken about LGBT rights, and she supports same sex marriage. Pink is a vocal supporter of attachment parenting and about raising her children in a labelless household. Ain’t nobody gonna throw gender roles on her baby chicks!

Check out the rest of her story + a sob-worthy acceptance speech dedicated to her daughter in “Episode 7 – Pink Velvet.”


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