Episode 5 – Puppy Love and Dog Carnies

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy (Miss Major)


Artwork by Jason Stokes

These days it seems like every person with a social media account is an activist – and that’s not a bad thing! But before there were hashtags or Facebook campaigns, there were the OG activists – the ones who fought fist-to-face at Stonewall, who took Attica prison wardens hostage, who worked in the streets not for recognition or followers, but for the right to breathe. Miss Major Griffin-Gracy was at the forefront (whorefront?) of this cohort (co-whore-t?). One of the most visible and hard-working advocates for trans rights, Miss Major has spent the last four decades busting ass for LGTBQ folks. Her most recent work has been centered around trans folk in the prison industrial complex.

Prior to researching her for this episode, I had never heard of Miss Major. I was compelled to cover her after a QTPOC friend recommended I read up on her. This is why Melissa and I love this podcast – we not only get to be wasted and chatty: we get to learn about so many bad-ass women and the amazing contributions they’ve made to our world. Miss Major is incredible not only because of her legacy of activism, but because she has endured hardship after hardship and still has enough love in her heart to help her community.

But why is that her job? Non-trans folk (cissies, a word I just made up) can and should do our part to help these folks, too. Please consider making some financial contribution to these communities – and don’t tell me you don’t have $5 to spare – I see you eating a $7 burrito from Chipotle. You can Google “trans rights organizations” or contribute to a GoFundMe for a trans person in your local community. You may also be interested in donating to TGI Justice, an organization that Miss Major used to run that helps trans people within the prison system; Miss Major’s monthly giving circle; or Miss Major’s own Arkansas-based nonprofit, House of GG. If you’re still like, ‘nah bish’ then I encourage you to check out Annalise Ophelian’s documentary, “Major!” on Amazon Prime. Once you set the used Kleenex aside, consider picking up that wallet and doing your part.

Learn more about Miss Major in Episode 5 – Puppy Love and Dog Carnies.


Rebel Wilson


Artwork by Jason Stokes

“Tell me what you know about dreams,” Kid Cudi demanded in one of my favorite college-era songs. I didn’t have a good response at the time because I got so stoned every day that I couldn’t remember any of my dreams. But leave it to Rebel Wilson to take that shit to the limit. Rebel realized she was destined to become an actress after a malaria-induced fever dream that included big game cats and rapping at the Academy Awards. Several years later she’s one of the best-known comedic actresses, starring in films like “Pitch Perfect.”

Raised on the road by dog carnies, Rebel holds a degree in law. Turns out this was yet another sort of prophecy in Ms. Wilson’s life, because in 2017 she would be at the center of a defamation law suit in Australia, one from which she would ultimately emerge victorious. Turns out some childhood acquaintance with a bad attitude who probably hates their entire life fed some information to the tabloids Down Under and these rags tried to drag Rebel through the mud. Why anyone would be stupid enough to start a fight with a woman with the first name of “Rebel” is beyond comprehension. Needless to say, they lost, she won, and she’s still a highly sought-after name in Hollywood. If the rest of her life is any indication, expect an Oscar win and a rapped acceptance speech in the not-so-distant future.

Learn more about this big pussy dreamer in Episode 5 – Puppy Love and Dog Carnies.


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