Episode 4 – The Empress and the White Witch

Alicia Napolean

Art by Jason Stokes

Brawns, brains, beauty, and ball-busting: Alicia Napolean is the best of all worlds. A professional boxer with a perfect record (7-0), Alicia Napolean is a stellar athlete, a painter, and an outspoken woman who straight does not give a fuck if you think women can’t play sports or that muscular female bodies are not sexy.

From a young age Alicia was hyper athletic, but often incurred mocking and criticism from her peers for her “thunder thighs” and solid physical build. The insults hurt, but not as much as the wounded egos her male teammates would have to endure when she would consistently beat them at their own games (and occasionally beat their asses). In high school, she once won a wrestling match against a boy who proceeded to cry and tried to get her kicked off the wrestling team. What a baby back bitch.

These days, the New York Italian is professionally undefeated, runs her own business, and is a prolific painter whose artwork is featured in galleries in the United States. Learn more about The Empress (as she is professionally called) in Episode 4 – The Empress and the White Witch.

You can watch the Allure video mentioned in Episode 4 at this link.


Stevie Nicks

Art by Jason Stokes

The White Witch. The Supreme of my coven. My number-one fashion inspiration. There is so much to say about the legendary Stevie Nicks that I could hardly fit even a small slice of her story into Episode 4. A productive musician who has released more than two dozen albums through her solo career and her multi-decade run with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie is an artist who has toured the world, snorted ungodly amounts of cocaine, and slept with just about every big name in 1970s rock.

Perhaps my favorite piece of Stevie’s story is how she struggled to make it as a musician before she hit it big with Fleetwood Mac. Waiting tables or cleaning houses by day and writing songs by night, Stevie was busting ass trying to make a career for herself. She wrote some of her best-known songs, including Landslide and Rhiannon, during this unstable time. And she still was strongly considering her Plan B! She attended San Jose State University while actively pursuing her music career, with plans to become an English teacher if things didn’t pan out. In fact, “Landslide” was in part inspired by a conversation Stevie had with her father in which he offered to pay for her to return to school because the music career wasn’t taking off. Only a few months later, Fleetwood Mac called, and the rest is herstory.

Learn more about Stevie, her song inspirations, and her love affairs in Episode 4.


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